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TBI victims and tbi symptoms cases need compassionate and aggressive legal representation from the very start. We are dedicated to TBI survivors and their families and work tirelessly to protect them every step of the way.

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases in Oregon

For nearly two decades, we’ve represented traumatic brain & head injury victims, survivors and families in Portland and throughout the state of Oregon. While we can’t undo the harm you’ve suffered, we know that brain injury survivors need money to pay for medical expenses, long term care, rehabilitation, lost wages, loss of future earnings, and pain and suffering. It is estimated that brain injuries can cost victims and their families millions of dollars over the course of a lifetime. We’re here to make sure you get the money you need to deal with your injury and move forward into your future without financial burdens.

Traumatic brain injury victims need a law firm on their side with the experience and resources needed to handle these complex cases. If you have questions or concerns or simply wish to speak with one of our dedicated Portland brain injury attorneys, we offer a free initial case evaluation. Call us or fill out our confidential contact form if you are experiencing symptoms of traumatic brain injury and we can begin building a case and safeguarding your future.

Brain Injury Case Studies

Below are a few examples of the kinds of tbi & medical malpractice cases we have handled.

Severe Brain Injury from Slip and Fall

A woman slipped and fell in a fastfood restaurant restroom due to a leak in the ceiling that had not been fixed. As a result of her injuries she suffered a massive brain injury requiring a part of her skull to be removed. She required 25-hour assistance and care for the rest of her life.
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Severe Brain Injury from Truck Crash

A trucking accident south of Portland resulted in a severe brain injury. The Portland woman was critically injured after she was hit by a piece of industrial equipment that was not fixed or taken out of service after the owner and manufacturer learned of the dangerous defect. This case was significant because the dangerous equipment continued to operate on roads until the serious injury accident occurred. This case settled for a confidential amount.
Confidential Settlement

Severe Brain Injury from Industrial Accident

A timber faller was severely injured when a “snag” (dead standing tree) fell on him in an area that was not properly cleared for safety. He was brain damaged and required over $1m in medical care. He was never able to return to work again to provide for his family.
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