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Navigating Bicycle Accidents in Portland and Across Oregon

In the bustling streets of Portland, Oregon, WKD Law specializes in addressing the intricacies of bicycle collisions. From disputes over right-of-way to unexpected door openings, our firm is dedicated to handling the unique challenges of bicycle accidents. We advocate for cyclists to secure fair compensation for injuries suffered on the road.

Unraveling the Complexities of Car Accidents

Car accidents, ranging from minor fender benders to severe collisions, are an unfortunate reality on Portland’s roads. WKD Law excels in navigating the complexities of car crash cases, investigating factors such as negligence, distracted driving, or reckless behavior. Our goal is to provide comprehensive legal support to those who have suffered harm in car accidents, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.

Advocating for Victims of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents, with their size and weight, often result in devastating consequences. WKD Law has a deep understanding of the complexities involved in truck crash cases, including issues related to driver fatigue, inadequate maintenance, or improper loading. Our firm is committed to advocating for the rights of those affected by truck accidents, seeking justice and compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial toll they endure.

Navigating the Nuances of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents demand a nuanced approach due to the unique risks riders face. Whether it’s a collision with another vehicle or hazardous road conditions, WKD Law is adept at handling motorcycle crash cases. We recognize the severity of injuries that motorcyclists may sustain and diligently pursue legal avenues to hold responsible parties accountable.

Comprehensive Support for Automotive Accident Victims

At WKD Law, our focus is on providing unwavering support to individuals affected by automotive crashes. With a dedicated team of legal professionals, we navigate the intricacies of each case, ensuring our clients receive the representation they need to move forward. If you’ve experienced a bicycle, car, truck, or motorcycle crash, trust WKD Law to advocate for your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve.

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Motorcycle Accidents

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, WKD Law stands as a steadfast ally, offering expert legal guidance to riders in Portland. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges motorcyclists face, we tirelessly pursue justice and compensation, ensuring our clients receive the support they need to rebuild after a devastating incident.

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Bicycle Accidents

WKD Law provides unwavering support to cyclists facing the aftermath of a crash. From right-of-way disputes to unexpected door openings, our firm navigates the complexities of bicycle accidents. We advocate fiercely, seeking fair compensation for injuries sustained on our bustling streets.

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Truck Accidents

In the aftermath of a truck accident, WKD Law offers expertise to those affected in Portland. From driver fatigue to inadequate maintenance, our firm navigates the complexities of truck accident cases. We stand by victims, seeking justice and fair compensation for the physical and financial toll endured.

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Car Accidents

Facing the aftermath of a car accident, WKD Law provides steadfast support. Whether a minor fender bender or a severe collision, our firm unravels the complexities of each case. With a focus on fair compensation, we tirelessly advocate for victims, helping them navigate the path to recovery.

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Automotive Accident Lawyer Portland Oregon

With extensive experience, abundant resources, and unwavering compassion, WKD Law stands firm in advocating for those affected by automotive accidents. We are committed to ensuring that the voices of victims are heard and that they receive the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve.

Unforeseen Trauma: Journey Through a Life-Altering Car Crash

On a serene April afternoon, Stephanie Rife’s life took an unexpected turn as she navigated her Chevrolet Traverse on Northeast Burnside, heading westbound near the intersection of NE Cleveland. Little did she know, this routine drive would lead to a life-altering car accident, forever changing her trajectory.

Stephanie conscientiously slowed and came to a stop in the far-right lane, activating her right turn signal in preparation for a turn. Unbeknownst to her, the defendant, operating a Dodge Durango truck in the same lane and direction, failed to maintain control of her vehicle. In a tragic moment, the defendant’s negligence resulted in a collision, with Stephanie’s vehicle bearing the brunt of the impact.

The defendant’s actions, including following too closely, traveling at an excessive rate of speed, and failing to maintain a lookout, caused significant injuries and damages to Stephanie’s vehicle. The aftermath revealed the extent of the harm inflicted upon her.

Stephanie’s injuries were severe and varied, each requiring extensive medical intervention. A lumbar disc protrusion at L4-L5, coupled with L5 nerve root impingement, necessitated a right microdiscectomy/decompression surgery. Unfortunately, a subsequent disc herniation led to revision surgery. The L5-S1 lumbar/sacral disc injury demanded fusion surgery, alongside initial decompression and multiple sedated procedures for injections and nerve ablations. A C5-6 disc annular tear/fissure injury, cervical strain, right shoulder strain, and left hip bursitis further compounded her suffering, with some injuries deemed permanent.

The toll on Stephanie’s life extended beyond the physical realm. Medical expenses for four back surgeries alone amounted to economic damages exceeding $248,767, highlighting the profound impact on her financial well-being.

Determined to seek justice, WKD Law took Stephanie’s case to court, arguing the defendant’s negligence and the significant damages incurred. In a resounding victory, the jury rendered a verdict of $600,000, providing not only financial relief but also a sense of closure for Stephanie as she embarked on the journey of recovery. This case stands as a testament to WKD Law’s unwavering commitment to advocating for those whose lives are forever altered by the negligence of others.


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Navigating the Legal Maze of Automotive Accidents

Why Choose WKD Law for Your Automotive Accident Representation

In the aftermath of an automotive accident, selecting the right legal representation is crucial. WKD Law offers a comprehensive understanding of automotive laws, ensuring up-to-date and effective advocacy. With a focus on maximizing compensation, our experienced team meticulously investigates each case, leveraging negotiation and litigation expertise to secure favorable outcomes. We prioritize peace of mind for our clients, handling the complexities of their case with compassion. At WKD Law, we stand as unwavering advocates, providing the support needed for individuals to navigate the aftermath of automotive collisions successfully.

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Keith, is a seasoned attorney renowned for his expertise in auto accident cases. With a notable $1,300,000 settlement, he secured justice for a young man hit by a drunk driver, resulting in partial paralysis. Keith’s extensive experience includes successfully trying personal injury cases in state and federal courts. Recognized among the Top 50 lawyers in Oregon by Super Lawyers, elected to the American Board of Trial Advocates, and listed in Best Lawyers in America, Keith’s accolades reflect his commitment to ethical and effective representation. Rated “10.0 Superb” on Avvo.com and “AV Preeminent” by Martindale-Hubbell, Keith is a trusted advocate for those seeking justice in the aftermath of automobile accidents.

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