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We’ve proudly represented injured clients in product liability accidents since 2001. No recovery‚ÄĒno fee.

Products Liability Attorney - Portland, Oregon

We have successfully handled numerous products liability cases for people seriously injured. Our focus is on helping the inured party receive the compensation and future care that they need. We are also committed to making everyone safer by helping to remove dangerous products from the market.

Products liability claims involve unique issues of fact and law that will determine what parties are legally responsible for causing the injury at issue. Manufacturers, distributors and anyone who alters a product are responsible for designing and manufacturing the product (a drug, medical device, vehicle, construction equipment, etc.) in the safest manner that is reasonably possible. If the product presents any danger to consumers, workers, or the public adequate warnings are required to help avoid injury.

Products Liability Case Studies

Below are a few examples of the kinds of products liability claims we have handled recently.

Peterson v. Bard, et al.

A medical device was marketed and sold without adequate warnings of potential complications known by the manufacturer. The device failed after it was surgically implanted and presented a life-threatening situation for a young man requiring emergency surgery. We obtained the first jury verdict in the country for a failure to warn about the dangers of this device.”

$926,000 Jury Verdict

Injury From Dangerous Equipment on Public Road

A woman was critically injured and suffered a brain injury when a piece of industrial equipment caused a massive vehicle collision. The equipment had been poorly designed and created an extreme danger to others on public roads. The manufacturer did not warn workers of the danger or how the defect may be cured. The case settled for a confidential amount.

Confidential Settlement

Injury From Defective Pickup Truck Parts

The mother of two small children was left to care for them alone when her husband suffered a severe brain injury due to the failure of defective parts in a pickup truck. The manufacturer and local distributor of the truck knew of the propensity of the parts to fail and had been on notice of other similar injuries. The case settled for a confidential amount.

Confidential Settlement