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We represent work injury clients involved in job site accidents, since 2001. No recovery—no fee.

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Work Injury Lawyer in Portland, Oregon

WKD Law are a team professional work injury lawyers in Portland and we handle on-the-job/work injury claims for workers all over Oregon. We strive to efficiently and effectively achieve a recovery so that our clients can pay their medical bills, make up for lost wages, and get back on their feet. Every case we agree to handle will be fully prepared for trial if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached.

Cases involving workplace injuries present unique legal and factual issues to be considered. Depending on the parties involved various forms of insurance may be available to assist the injured party. This includes workers compensation insurance, liability insurance, and automobile or trucking insurance to name a few. At times more than one defendant may be legally responsible for causing the injury. This depends on the various contract terms between parties and whether a defendant had any control over the injured employee or the person, equipment or situation that gave rise to the injury.

Work Injury Case Studies

Below are a few examples of the kinds of workplace injury cases we have handled.

Toxic Exposure Injuries to Construction Workers

Fifty construction workers were exposed to a toxic chemical while constructing a chemical weapons incinerator. They were working within a few hundred yards of a large stockpile of aging chemical weapons, some of which were known to be leaking. However, the workers were told that there was no danger of exposure. After the event air monitoring indicated detections of chemical agent in the building where they were working. The case against the corporate defendants settled for a confidential amount.

Confidential Settlement

Severe Injuries to Timber Faller

A twenty-three year old logger was critically injured when an 80 foot tall log was dropped on him. Contractors working on the job site failed to follow Oregon OSHA safety training guidelines or ensure that safe tree cutting practices were being followed. As a result of his injuries, the injured worker incurred over $1.4 million in medical bills. He will need medical care for the rest of his life and will be unable to return to work to support his family. The case settled before trial for a confidential amount.

Confidential Settlement

Severe Injury to Overhead Cable Worker

An overhead cable technician was injured when his employer sent him to work on a line that had been attached to a telephone pole in a dangerous manner that violated state and federal safety standards. He was not warned of the dangerous condition. The worker suffered a permanent injury when the cable detached from the pole, causing the worker to fall and badly break his hip. He required surgery and was unable to return to work for an extended period. At trial, the jury returned a verdict for $618,000.00. As a result, the worker was able to pay his large amount of medical bills, obtain training for a new job that he was physically capable of doing, and care for his family.
$618,000 Jury Trial Verdict