Four Habits All Successful Oregon Car Accident Lawyers Share

With decades of experience with personal injury cases in the state of Oregon, Keith Dozier Trial Lawyer understands the hesitations of those who are involved in a car accident. It is tempting to believe that not involving a lawyer after your car accident is the path of least resistance. The truth is, using trustworthy Oregon car accident lawyers is the best suggestion toward getting the compensation you deserve.

We believe that those wanting to pursue an attorney for their injury should choose an attorney with a record of success who has their best interest at heart.

Four Habits All Successful Oregon Car Accident Lawyers Share

Successful lawyers share many virtues, which manifest themselves into persistent habits. While unsuccessful lawyers seek to close cases quickly and stumble through the process, a lawyer with your best interests in mind will thoroughly look at your case to get you the best results. Four habits of a great lawyer are:


In a car accident case, there are many channels of information that an attorney must pursue to build a strong case for their clients. Evidence your attorney may gather includes:

  • Police reports
  • Accident reports
  • Witnesses
  • Subject-matter experts
  • Medical documents
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Pay statements
  • Bills
  • Statements
  • Employment records
  • Journal of pain and suffering
  • And More

A successful personal injury attorney will go above and beyond to give your case the meticulous attention it deserves. More often than not, gathering evidence and seeking expertise is a strenuous task that requires resources and knowledge from years in the field, winning cases for clients. Those seeking representation for car accidents should choose an attorney that has the skills and connections to build the best case. 


In the personal injury space of law practice, many attorneys do not have the skills necessary to bring your case to a favorable outcome, and yet, who will take on your personal injury case anyway in pursuit of money? Bad faith attorneys, especially those from large firms, may guarantee results, pressure you to sign an agreement, or may charge you for an initial consultation.

A trustworthy car accident attorney will be forthcoming about your case and the process of litigation. Typically, they will not charge you a fee unless they win your case, and therefore, will not pressure you into signing an agreement unless they believe in the evidence for your case.


Unsuccessful attorneys are those who keep their clients in the dark about the legal process when it comes to their car accident case, while successful attorneys are those that walk their clients through the case step-by-step, offering education, guidance, and support along the way.

Every car accident is different, and every client is different. A successful attorney takes on the challenge of each case on a one-to-one basis, never making assumptions about their client or the accident. Because successful attorneys get to know each case and client individually, they can help those who have suffered a personal injury get the level of compensation they need to move on from this part of their lives.


A successful attorney can guide clients through the process of getting the best compensation for their needs, whether that be in the trial court or settlement rooms. The team at Keith Dozier Trial Attorney has achieved positive results for many clients over the years — numerous cases have recovered an excess of $1 Million, including a case for a jury verdict of $19 Million. This is done through hard-hitting and persistent dedication.

For example, the team at Keith Dozier law offices recovered $1.3 Million for a young man that was hit by a drunk driver while standing on the side of the road. Because of the verdict, he was able to receive treatment for his medical injuries, support himself and his family, and attain training for a job that he would physically be able to do.

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