Finding the Right Lawyer After Your Oregon Car Accident

After an Oregon car accident, you will likely be inundated with messages from personal injury lawyers wanting to take advantage of your devastating misfortune. Picking a personal injury lawyer with your best interests at heart may often feel like an overwhelming task.

We understand that the path to getting the compensation you deserve may feel like navigating a minefield. 

“There is nothing wrong with interviewing more than one personal injury lawyer to decide who the best fit is for you,” says trial lawyer Keith Dozier. “Find a lawyer whom you feel comfortable speaking for you in front of a judge and jury.”

With decades of experience in Oregon car accidents, the associates at Wm. Keith Dozier law firm understands the traits that make a good personal injury attorney.

Traits to Look for in an Oregon Car Accident Lawyer

The best lawyer for your injury after an Oregon car accident will be one that is:

Highly Rated and Reviewed

Law firms are peer-reviewed and ranked at a state and national level yearly. Reputable law firms will have a generous track record of recognition from prestigious publications, including Best Lawyers®, US News and World Report’s Best Lawyers®, and Martindale-Hubbell, among many others.

Wm. Keith Dozier is listed in Best Lawyers® for personal injury litigation, as an “AV” rated attorney in Martidale-Hubbell’s national directory of lawyers, the highest possible score of “10.0 Superb” from, among many other awards and recognition. His cases have been featured in major publications, including the Oregonian and Portland Tribune.

Trustworthy and Reliable

Your car accident lawyer should be upfront with you at all times about your case and injury. Your lawyer is likely untrustworthy if they promise you guaranteed results or if they mislead you about their experience.

Most personal injury lawyers in Oregon will work on contingency. Therefore, most personal injury attorneys should not charge you a consultation fee or an unfair contingency fee.

A good lawyer will answer your questions and walk you through the litigation process. They should never pressure you to sign an agreement or to take any steps that are not in the best interest of you and your loved ones.

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Trial Experience

Many personal injury lawyers, especially those who may have paid for the lead through a commercial, national firm, may not have the trial experience necessary to bring your case before a judge and jury.

It is crucial to have an attorney with trial experience on your side. Even if your case does not go to trial, if you do not have a trial attorney on your side, the other party may not be pressured to give you the full settlement amount that you deserve.

Proven Results with Your Case Type

An attorney should have proven results with cases that are similar to your car accident case. Wm. Keith Dozier LLC has proven results in all types of Oregon car accidents. We have achieved numerous recoveries in excess of a million dollars for severely injured clients.

We recently settled a car accident in Oregon for $1.4 Million. A young man was severely injured when a vehicle tried to negotiate a blind intersection that was known to be dangerous, but never repaired. We negotiated down the medical bills that had been over $500,000 and we settled the case after taking it all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court.

Wm. Keith Dozier: Trusted Lawyer for Your Oregon Car Accident

If you feel that you are not receiving the compensation you deserve, you have a right to contact an attorney and seek compensation.

Keith Dozier and his associates have litigated personal injury and discrimination claims against defendants of all sizes, from multinational corporations to large insurance companies. We have proven results, including a unanimous jury verdict for $19 million. We have achieved numerous recoveries in excess of a million dollars for severely injured clients. Contact us today to request a free case evaluation.