6 Myths About Portland, Oregon Injury Attorneys — Uncovered

Due to the influence of popular media, viral stories, and national personal injury law firms, there are many nasty myths that surround personal injury lawyers and make murky what your rights as an individual are when it comes to personal injury. However, those that uncover the truth about filing a personal injury claim with Portland, Oregon injury attorneys will find that there are innumerable benefits, even for minor accidents.

6 Myths about Portland, Oregon Injury Attorneys, Debunked

Many myths surround personal injury attorneys, but these six are some of the most popular:

Myth #1: Portland Injury Attorneys are “Ambulance Chasers”

Lawyer jokes are oftentimes most applicable to the world of national personal injury law firms. These firms utilize annoying television ads, billboards, and jingles across the country. These firms are actually simply large marketing firms that will direct you to local lawyers who paid for the lead. It is not uncommon for these attorneys to have little to no personal injury experience.

Fact: The Majority of Portland, Oregon Injury Attorneys are Honest and Hardworking

When you seek a local Portland law firm, you will find that the personal injury community is filled with hardworking and caring members of society who believe in fairness, honesty and improving the lives of others.

Myth #2: I Don’t Need an Attorney Because I Have Insurance.

When you get into an accident, it is typically your first instinct to file a claim with your insurance. Those who have insurance may believe that insurance will cover any expenses they have.

Fact: Insurance Companies Are Not Looking Out for Your Best Interest.

While it is the insurer’s job to sound empathetic and encouraging on the phone, the point of your insurer is to pay out as little as possible. The truth is that there are often many expenses associated with getting into a personal accident — many of those expenses insurers will not cover. Your personal injury attorney, on the other hand, works for you to get you the very best compensation for your personal injury claim.

Myth #3: I Cannot Afford an Injury Attorney

For many people, especially those who have never hired a personal injury attorney, the idea of getting an attorney involved might seem intimidating or something only wealthy people do.

Fact: Many Injury Attorneys Work on a Contingency Fee.

Personal injury attorneys work with clients of all economic backgrounds. This is due to the fact that most injury attorneys work on a contingency, meaning that they are not paid anything unless they succeed. Conversely, they are not entitled to pursue compensation should the case not succeed. This system incentivizes attorneys while stifling frivolous lawsuits.

Myth #4: My Injuries are not Severe Enough to Justify Hiring an Injury Attorney.

After an injury, you may be tempted to downplay your injuries to avoid speaking to an injury attorney. It can be easy to get caught up in the thought that “it could have been way worse.”

Fact: Even Minor Injuries Can be Expensive to Treat

When you get into an accident, your body often releases adrenaline and other chemicals to dull your pain until it knows you are no longer in danger. If you file your claim with your insurers right after your accident, it is not uncommon for your injuries to actually be worse than you initially thought. Even if your injuries turn out to be minor, even minor injuries can be expensive to treat — often more expensive than you may anticipate. Calling a personal injury attorney will ensure that all of your needs are addressed.

Myth #5: I am Greedy for Pursuing a Personal Injury Attorney

We’ve all heard viral narratives of private individuals suing large corporations in ridiculous and frivolous lawsuits. It may be tempting to avoid contacting a personal injury attorney for fear of the potential public humiliation that may follow.

Fact: There is No Reason for Shame When Getting Your Needs Met.

Many narratives of ridiculous and frivolous lawsuits are nothing more than publicity moves done by corporations to discourage individuals from pursuing the compensation they deserve to take care of their needs. There is no shame and guilt for doing what is best for you, your life, and your health.

Myth #6: I Cannot Collect Damages if I am at Fault

Those that bear some fault in their personal injury may not pursue an injury attorney because they may believe they are not entitled to compensation.

Fact: You May Still be Able to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit Even if You are at Fault.

Portland, Oregon is one of the US states that utilizes a modified comparative fault rule, meaning that as long as you are 50% or less at fault for your injury, you may still be entitled to compensation. Even if you are partially at fault, do not be afraid to reach out to your local injury attorney.

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