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Truck Accident Lawyer - Portland Oregon

If you have been injured in a trucking accident involving a commercial truck, you may need the assistance of a Portland truck accident lawyer to help with your insurance claim arising from the car accident. There are various forms of accident insurance that may provide benefits that you are not aware of. An injury lawyer can help you find sources of coverage and help with your recovery.

We are located in the Portland metro area and specialize in truck crash injury cases. We have a proven track record of obtaining excellent results for our clients. We offer a free initial consultation for prospective clients and do not charge hourly attorney fees. As a Portland truck accident lawyer, we only get paid if we achieve a recovery for you. We will be honest with you regarding whether you even need an injury attorney and will help you to make educated decisions about your trucking accident claim every step of the way. Your case will be prepared for trial if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached. If you have questions about whether you need a personal injury attorney to assist you read our Frequently Asked Questions page regarding injury lawyers and trucking accident claims or feel free to contact us. Additional information about trucking accidents in Oregon is provided below.

Trucking Accident Case Studies

Below are a few examples of trucking accident injury cases we have resolved for clients recently.

Severe Injury From Truck Crash

A woman was critically injured and suffered a brain injury when a piece of industrial equipment caused a massive vehicle accident just south of Portland. The equipment had not been fixed or taken out of service after the manufacturer and the owner learned of the dangerous defect. Instead, it continued to be operated on a public roadway in a condition known to be dangerous. The case settled for a confidential amount.

Confidential Settlement

Death From Commercial Semi Truck Hitting Pedestrian

A four year-old child was struck by a commercial semi truck at an intersection and killed. The case settled for a confidential amount to set up a fund for the surviving children’s education.

Confidential Settlement

Injuries From Truck Crash

A couple was seriously injured when an armored truck ran a red light and crashed into their vehicle. Both were required to seek in-patient medical care and one required surgery to repair broken bones. Their accident claims settled for $225,000.00 and this money was used to pay their medical bills and allow them to put their lives back in order.

$225,000 Settlement

Injuries From FedEx Semi Truck Crash

The driver of a FedEx Freight semi truck crashed into another semi truck while driving at high speed on snow and ice when his brakes were not functioning properly. The plaintiff obtained a judgment of $200,000.00 to pay his lost wages and fix his damaged truck.

$200,000 Settlement

Pedestrian Injured When Hit By Bus

A pedestrian in a crosswalk was hit by a bus making a turn and broke her leg. The plaintiff obtained a settlement for $120,000.00 to pay her medical treatment bills.

$120,000 Settlement