What To Do if I’m the Victim of a Crime in a Car Accident in Oregon

With the worst of the pandemic behind us, more drivers are on the road. Accidents can occur even in the best circumstances, however, when one or more parties are committing a criminal offense that results in an injury, it can be overwhelming trying to understand the best course of action to seek help. If you […]

Four Habits All Successful Oregon Car Accident Lawyers Share

With decades of experience with personal injury cases in the state of Oregon, Keith Dozier Trial Attorney understands the hesitations of those who are involved in a car accident. It is tempting to believe that not involving a lawyer after your car accident is the path of least resistance. The truth is, using trustworthy Oregon […]

What Are the Duties of an Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer?

Even simple injuries can have devastating consequences, and insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart. Those who want to seek a personal injury lawyer may wonder what an attorney can do for them that they cannot do for themselves. “From cases small to large, an injury attorney focuses on delivering excellent service […]

What Do Birth Injury Medical Malpractice Lawyers Do?

The birth of a child typically provides mothers and families with endless joy, making it especially challenging when medical malpractice results in severe injury to the mother or child. Many injuries that happen during birth due to medical malpractice require lifelong care and will result in expensive medical bills. Birth injury medical malpractice lawyers can […]

Work Injury Advice from an Oregon Injury Lawyer

Workplace injuries can be devastating. Even a minor work injury can greatly impact your ability to perform at work and can result in physical and emotional pain. The best way to ensure that all of your needs are met is to act quickly when you are injured in your workplace.  “Victims of negligent employment practices […]

Understanding Your Rights After a Car Accident in Oregon

Because Oregon is an at-fault state, those involved in a car accident in Oregon have rights to compensation from the at-fault parties. Even if you are the party at-fault, Oregon enlists laws that give at-fault parties rights for their damages and injuries. Knowing your rights after a car accident is the best way to ensure […]

6 Myths About Portland, Oregon Injury Attorneys — Uncovered

WM Keith Dozier - 6 Myths About Portland, Oregon Injury Attorneys — Uncovered

Due to the influence of popular media, viral stories, and national personal injury law firms, there are many nasty myths that surround personal injury lawyers and make murky what your rights as an individual are when it comes to personal injury. However, those that uncover the truth about filing a personal injury claim with Portland, […]